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Building a powerful, well-designed and high-converting landing page - Tips & Tricks For Startup

A lot of people think that designing a landing page is easy. To build it, it can be easy. But to have a successful landing page copy which converts is not an easy task. Starting entrepreneurs think it is just putting one headline + sub-headline + CTA ( call-to-action) and it’s done.
Technically, it’s right. But if you want succeed in the design of your landing page and have or increase your conversion rate, you need some preparation.
Here’s a guide to build a perfect high-converting landing page copywriting.

A Guide To Design The Perfect Landing Page Which Converts

Different type of landing pages

Before beginning to write your landing page, you need to determine the goals you want to achieve. Before designing your landing page, you need to set up your goals. If you want writing a high-converting landing page, you need to determine what you want to convert. There are lots of types of landing page and a good landing page for you is not necessary good for other business or other solution. Your landing page must be good, but for what? : “good for click throughs,” “good for sales,” good for conversions.

Copywriting tips: Long or Court Format Landing Page

It depends on what you want to achieve. For your information, long format converts better than court format, but long text are mean red that court text. You need to adjust. In all way, try to keep your argues as simple as possible and try to be the more direct and concise.
If you are selling some products for people, describes your product simply and inform how much it costs. Don’t write some bullshit text and try to be the more honest possible. When you speak about you or your solution, avoid terms as: “we are the best…”. Keep it simple!

An optimized and engaging copywriting

It is important to bear in mind that writing a high-converting landing page is part art and part science. Copywriting is important, but it is just one part of all elements which make a good high-converting page design. Nevertheless, you should begin and focus first on your copywriting and and it must answer the questions your target audience will likely have.
To transform a simple landing page in a high-converting landing page, you should focus on creating optimized and engaging copy. A simple way to manage your optimized and engaging copy is to put compelling CTA scattered across your landing page to engage your target audience attention and engage them to take actions.

Preparing Your Landing Page

Main Objectives

  • Determined your target audience
  • Craft your persona
  • Imagine some questions your target customers will have in mind or their objections
  • Craft some answers which overcome these objections

Step 0 – Who is your target customer

Questions: Determine the Questions Your Target Audience Will Have

How make and choose these questions? This is now why you need to focus on your target audience. You need to really Understand Your Target Market and your landing page need to direct address to your target customers.

Persona: Idendtiy Your Buying Persona

To determine what questions your target audience will have, you have to do some research. Start by crafting a buying personna which will help you to put you in mind of your potential visitor. You can choose other tool to draft your persona, as survey, users testing or focus group.

Problem: What is the problem your solution solve for your target customer?

You need to determine your goals when you write your landing page. Your solution is here to resolve a problem your target audience have. What is this problem? What are the pain points of your target customers you have identified? Your solution, your product or service, needs to address the needs of your target customer. Now you have your questions, it’s time to build your answers.

Answers: Write Answers That Overcome Any Objections

For each questions your target customer will ask, write a convincing answer that is well argued and stimulating. You need to overcome all the questions your target customer will have and tell them that your solution - product or service - is designed to address their needs depending of the pain points you want to resolve for them. Try to refer to your solution or product each time you have to answer a question.

Major Elements of a high-Converting landing Page

  1. A compelling headline
  2. A compelling sub-headline<
  3. A direct call-to-action
  4. Testimonials
  5. Benefits-driven bullet points

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Crafting Your Landing Page

Main Objectives

  • Craft a compelling headline
  • Craft a compelling sub-headline
  • Design a direct call-to-action
  • List Benefits-driven bullet points

A Practical Step-by-Step Guide For High-Converting Landing Page Design

Step 1 - Craft A Compelling Value Proposition Headline

The importance of your value proposition: What do you offer?

Your Value Proposition is the most important part of your Landing page because it is the first text your visitors will see. If you can’t convince your target audience with your value proposition, you fail. Use attractive headlines. The headline which you will use on your landing page should be very attractive and to the point. If it fails to attract customers, you will be at high risk of losing some potential conversions.

How to craft a compelling value proposition

There are lot of means to craft a clear and compelling value proposition. For that, you need to come back on your target market, your buying persona, his problem and pain points and the benefits of your solution. To craft a clear compelling value proposition, you can focus on different parts of your preliminary work. Firstly, you have well determine the “BIG” problem of your target audience and you have listed the major pain points of your buying persona.

Follow these steps

Start by crafting the desired results of your product and use this framework:
Headline Compelling Value Proposition = [Desired results] for [target market]

You can use these 4 Framework to design your Value Proposition:

  • Directly addresses who your customer is
  • States what your product does
  • Tells why you’re unique
  • Show’s the end benefit of using it

There is a lot of mean to choose the right compelling value proposition and you can test several to know which works better.

The style of your text

You need to speak as your potential consumers would speak. If you target audience is teenagers, use some trending keywords in this community. Directly address to your target customers, and use their words to connect with them.

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Step 2 - Craft A Compelling Benefit-Driven Sub-Headline

Follow these steps

You need to be the most concise as possible and to have the best impact, try to scatter your value proposition in one Headline and one sub-headline with court and direct sentences. For instance, you can reach it with this pattern:
Start by crafting the desired results of your product and use this framework:
Sub-Headline Compelling Value Proposition = [Major benefits] with [Your Product/Offer]

Step 3 – Design your CTA: Call To Action

What is A Call To Action ? Call To Action CTA Definition

As your first goal in building a powerful, well-designed and high-converting landing page is to engage your customers to take some actions, the Call-To-Action Button is clearly here to do that.
A Call To Action is an element in your landing page to transform your potential customers into qualified leads and then into real customers. Call To Action is generally a button, a link or a short form, but it can be also a social sharing CTA as facebook share button or twitter share button.

Avoid Some Beginner’s Mistakes

Keep in mind: Landing page begin the process of relationship building with potential customers.

Don’t ask directly for a purchase or a subscription, try to connect humanly with your potential visitors. As visitor’s attention is really low on Internet, you have few seconds to convince them that your solution is well suited for their problem.

CTA or Little actions - Reducing the fear of unknown

Landing Pages are icebreakers. Landing Page should only be considered as a powerful introduction of your solution and it is your first tool to build trust and relationship with your users.
One way in which this manifests itself is with clear, concise and well-placed CTAs that “break the ice” with your potential consumers. build relationship with your target customers, you need to grab them by breaking the ice with some tips & tricks.

Don’t lose their attention by asking directly for a “buy now” or a “sign up” or you risk to scare them. As example, in a dating, when you meet a girl, you don’t begin by asking her if she wants to marry you. You want to begin by asking her name. This is the same principle concerning high-converting landing page: Try to be the more human possible at beginning and ask for a little action at beginning: these are micro-commitments.

To break the ice and strengthen the trust of your landing page, you need to focus and work on micro-commitments. How to do it? it is simple: ask to your potential customer for minimum actions. Instead of asking for a direct purchase or download, try offering a free trial of your product or services, a free demo or a run test of your solution , or give a free gift in relation with your solution. Most of consumers prefers do small steps instead of big commitments and it reduces their fear of unknow: they will be likely more engaged to purchase your product after.

Example of little Call To Action CTA:

  • Request A Demo
  • Get A Quote
  • Download Free Demo
  • Start A Free Trial

How to design call to action for landing page?

Here’s a list of what you can do to well design your CTA Call To Action

  • Format: Short format, generally between 3 and 5 words
  • Words: Start with an Action-Oriented Verb as: Join , Contact, etc.
  • Color: Use a contrasting color different of your landing page background
  • Size: Sufficiently large
  • Location: Strategic place, just above or next to your Headline and Sub-Headline
  • An obvious appeal and easy to understand text

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Step 4 – Choose Awesome Images - Build Your Mockup and Reinforce The Message

Building Emotions With Images

Images, Photos and Hero Shot allow you to directly connect to the customers minds. Beautiful images strengthen the engagement of your target customer and develop emotional connections with them. Images, Photos, Videos, Infographics, Icons are all parts of Visual Content Marketing and are really powerful to create and improve your customer engagement. Including Images and Videos are essentials to boost your landing page copy and your website in generally. Here’s 3 reasons why you should include images in your landing page and how it will boost your audience and clickthrough:

  1. Articles with images get 94% more total views
  2. Including a Photo and a video in a press release increases views by over 45%
  3. 60% of consumers are more likely to consider or contact a business when an image shows up in local search results

But how to choose your images to build emotions in your target customer's mind?

Show Emotions Happiness

A photo of happy, friendly and smiling people make me feel happy. Our brain act by mimetism and if you show to your target audience positive images and positives emotions, they will feel positive. At this stage, you need they take actions. If you create or choose awesome beautiful images which make your potential customers feel right, they will take actions. Indeed, a lot of people buy for emotional reasons so you need to create emotions.

Show Your Product with a Beautiful Hero Shot

If you’re building a landing page for selling your products, you can choose to show your flagship product with a hero shot. The hero shot is generally a photo or a video and should clearly show benefits for your target customers and context of use of your product.

Show Your Happy and Satisfied Target Customer

You can choose an image which is representative of your target market. Try to choose a relevant photo which shows your customer after using your product.

Beautiful, Beautiful and Beautiful

If you have the budget, the best recommendation would be to work with a professional photographer to take beautiful pictures. You can also work with a freelance designer to work on all the visual design and aspect of your landing page and your website.
If you want to start for free, try to create your own pictures or you can use stock images as Pexel or others. (You can check now in “Tools” , and “Design” here to see the best libraries). In all cases, choose a beautiful image with a high-resolution.

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Step 5 – List the Benefits-driven bullet points

Since most visitors don’t like to read paragraphs of text, you can list the benefits-driven for your target customer. Benefits-driven bullet points are easy to scan and to read for your visitors. To craft your benefits-driven bullet points, try to focus on direct and major benefits your customers will have after using your product, or try to draft the major pain points they will avoir with your offer. Be focus and clear and keep the number of bullet points short, ideally between 3 and 5.

Optimizing your Landing Page

Main Objectives

  • Add Social Proof, Authority & Testimonials
  • Adding an explainer video
  • Metrics: Set up Analytics & Start A/B Testing

Now, let’s talk about optimizing your landing page. You just launched your product, put some few hundreds dollars in Google Ads or Facebook Ads to drive traffic on your freshly new landing page and you succeed to collect some mails. Awesome! On 100 visitors which came on your landing page copy, you succeed to collect 2 e-mail addresses: fantastic. Your conversion rate is now about 2%.

But now, what you want is to increase this conversion rate, and increase the numbers of people who subscribe to your registration mailing list ( or who want to try your product for free). Here’s some tips & tricks you can do now to increase this number. As sayed by Larry Kim : “Across industries, the average landing page conversion rate was 2.35%, yet the top 25% are converting at 5.31% or higher”

Step 6 – Add Social Proof, Authority & Testimonials

Add some social proof , Authority as Testimonials to gain credibility with your potential customers. Try as more as possible to put testimonials from real clients or customers. Your target audience will be more likely to buy or use your product if they see other people which already use or recommend your product. Here’s a list of the major elements you can add on your landing page:

  • Customer testimonials
  • Customer Case studies
  • Social Media Shares and Likes
  • Awesome metrics : number of subscription, number of sales or happy customers
  • Logo of well-know brands or well-know enterprises which already use or recommend your product

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Step 7 - Add a Video

Adding an explainer video of your product or you offer can increase drastically the conversion rate or your landing page. Among a studies, videos on landing page can boost conversion by 80%. The explainer video effectively explains a business, product or service in 2-minutes or less.

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Step 8 - Metrics: Set up your Analytics & Start A/B Testings

Keep in mind: “You can't improve what you don't measure”.
You need to set up analytics on your landing page and track how users interact with your landing page. Set up some google analytics on your landing page and track your important metrics, depending of your offer and what you ask to your potential customers. Concerning A/B Testing, it can be really helpful if you were hesitating on your Compelling Headline And sub-headline. As there are many way to express your Value Proposition, you can choose to start A/B testing to see what formula works better.


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