Start-up Video Stash Is A One Place Of
Best Video Courses For Entrepreneurs

Discover the best free online video courses to help start and run your start-up successfully


Startup Video Stash is an easy-to-use website to find and search the best free courses to learn how launch your business

What this website can do for you?

Startup Video Stash is a one place of best video collection to help you to start and run successfully your startup

Why Startup Video Stash will help you growth your business ?

Because it is a list of the best 100 % free courses taught by successful entrepreneurs and recognized CEOs and Founders.

Why this website?

I’m a big fan of startup and I’m always searching the best courses to improve my skills. However, find some good courses is difficult. Find some video courses which are 100% free is really hard.

As hacker mindset, I didn’t want to pay theses courses to learn.

So during these last 2 years, I found some awesome free courses which help me starting a business. If I would start again, I would like find easily these startup lessons at the beginning of my entrepreneurial path. It would be avoid me a lot of mistakes.

That’s why I decided to create this website and share my list I consider be the best video courses I watched and learned. For your information, I’m still working on certain of theses courses right now.

Thus, I designed this website to help entrepreneurs to get access to the best video tutorials for their business.

Why and what exactly this website will give you?

You want to learn by yourself? Without spend money? You are a future or actual founder, a developper, a designer, a commercial, a maker, a hacker, or you simply want to start a project from scratch easily? In a word, you are an entrepreneur:

You are in the right place

Startup Video Stash is a one place where you will find the best awesome free video courses to help you launch successfully your start-up and improve your business.

This website will give you a free collection of the best video course to help you launch and run your startup.

Theses videos will teach you the best advices and tips to build new projects, and allow you to save time by avoiding common mistakes. You will be able to optimize your launching business, in saving time and money, by following the best advices from successful entrepreneurs.

Moreover, It is a one place where you will find free courses to improve your entrepreneurial skills. It will help you discover easily the latest free classes for your business and save your time concerning the search of new free courses in a particular domain.

In a word, it will facilitate your research of new free video courses.

How I was inspired?

I was largely inspired by the website startup stash, designed by Bram Kanstein.
Feel free to visit his website, it is a great toolbox full of tools and ressources to help you start your start-up.

You find this website useful?

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What about me?

Hi, my name is Abdou and I’m passionate about technology, business, startup and lifestyle.

I encourage you to contact me for any questions, I will take some time to respond you.>


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