Why Successful Entrepreneurs Have The Habit To Go Out Of Their Comfort Zone, And Why You Should Do It

Go Out Of Their Comfort Zone

Try new things each day! Change "a little bit" one habit a day:) And Go Out of your comfort zone

You can read a lot of articles on how going out of your comfort zone.
The Mindset is simple. To go out your comfort zone, just try new things you never do before. The concept is not to tell you to stop eat hamburgers if you like this, or climb Everest. No, it's better easier. For instance, when you go in your preferred fast-food, if your habit is to take the beef burger with sauce A, take the beef burger with the sauce B :D !! And if you are crazy enough, or a killer of going out your comfort zone, you will take the "chicken" burger. You understand now easily the How to.

But, finally, the big question is: "Why" ?

Why going out of your comfort zone, and why it is a habit of successful entrepreneur, and why you should adopt it to build a successful business?

The concept behind the comfort zone is hidden in our brain. And precisely in our neural network. Human mind is like us, lazy. We create habits to not surcharge our brain. Each time we learn new courses our do new things, our brain need to create new neuron connections. With our habits, our brain just need to follow the path of neuron connection already created.

The secret in why you need to go out from your comfort zone is that by changing just a little bit something each day, your create these new connections, and the essence of creativity and powerful mind is in these links. Indeed, by changing ( a little bit) your habit, you take "the habit" to create new links in your mind, and you will develop your smartness and your creativity. New business ideas will come more easily and you will be able to have "quick" connections about new business to try, and if you’re lucky , build it fast. Successful entrepreneurs build great company because they think faster than the others.

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