7 Trending Everyday Product Ideas for 2018-2019

7 Trending Everyday Product Ideas for 2017-2018

These 7 Best Redesigned Everyday Products have raised more than 100,000$ in CrowndFunding

Here’s the best everyday product designs trending in 2017 that you can look to boost your inspiration for product ideas. We made a list of the best seven everyday products successfully redesigned and which have raised more than 100,000$ in crowdfunding or in fundraising. The crowdfunding website Kickstarter has recently released an article on the kind of projects and products they would love to see in the coming months on their platform. If you are an entrepreneur or startup team who are searching some trending products, you can choose to design and develop one of these products.

If you are searching for a business idean in product design, take a look at this list to see the best product designs which have successfully reached their first customers and have been successfully launched.

1. A Multi Functional Backpack

The ClickPack Pro

Redesigned BackPacks are really trendings these years. If you want to build a product and launch a business, you can choose to focus on backpacks with useful features for a specific target customer.

The Clickpack Pro is a multifunctional backpackwith security features. They just raised 423 238$ with 2799 backers and their campaign still running.

Originally designed for photographers target customer, the Everyday Backpack, Tote, and Sling built by Peak Design is the most funding project in backpack. Their campaign reach the amount of 6 565 782 $ with 26 359 backers.

2. A Smart Mug

Jul Smart Mug

Mugs are really trending products right now and it is a fun everyday product to redesign. If you are looking for some product ideas to develop, smart mugs are very popular these years.

The Jül: Heated Smart Mug for Coffee & Tea is an intelligent mug designed to keep hot beverages at the perfect temperature. They are just raising right now 163 235 $ pledged on 50 000 $ with 2 211 backers.

Imbue - The Magnetic Tea Infusing Vessel, is a tea infusing vessel designed to simplify the process of brewing loose leaf tea have raised 362 679 $ pledged on 20 000 $ with 6 248 backers. Smart mugs, and more largely products related to the preparation and consumption of Tea and Coffee, are part of the best trending products.

3. A Smart Garden

Smart Herb Garden by Click & Grow

Smart Gardens are the last trending products which everyone is talking about. If you want to start a business in product design, you should consider thinking about smart gardens. They are used to help and assist people to growth their own vegetables at home.

The Smart Herb Garden by Click & Grow raised more than 625 851 $ pledged on 75 000$ with 10 477 backers. This smart garden lets everyone grow fresh herbs at home with zero effort. The challenge of healthy eating is a burning topic these years and entrepreneurs and startups can find great opportunities in these domain.

4. A Top -Quality And Stylish Pencil

 Stylish Pencil Penxo

You would be surprised by the level of attraction of a simple pencil can do. If you want to start an easy project, you can focus on redesigned pencils. It will take few times to build your first MVP - Minimum Viable Product - and you will be able to show it fastly to the world. You can just think to build an stylished pencil built in top-quality materials, or redesigned this pen with a useful and simple feature.

The PENXO, the most minimalistic 2mm lead holder pencil, is a simple and beautiful pencil, without any springs or mechanical parts. They raised 334 211 $ on 8 800 $ with 5 764 backers.

5. A Luxury Wallet

Keplero Luxury Wallet

There are several wallet design projects seen these last months on Kickstarter. Wallets are a global hot topic of the moment. Build your first MVP - minimum viable product - should take you few days or weeks, but you will be able to have a prototype fastly. Build a stylish and high quality materials built-in wallet to stay apart from the competition. Add some security or other useful features and you will be able to reach a certain audience.

The Keplero Luxury Wallet - Strong RFID-Blocking is a magnetic Luxury Wallet made of pure carbon fiber. They raised more than 580 000$ pledged on 10000$ with 3792 backers.

6. Smart Kitchen Robots

Sally the Smart Kitchen Robot

Kitchen products and more largely, redesigned everyday products for smart home market are trending right now. Startups and Entrepreneurs who choose this sector are in a growing market and demand continues to rise. If you want to start a business and be able to raise some money, you can easily choose this sector. Smart Kitchen Robots are designed to help people to prepare or stock more easily or faslty their meals. Smart Scales are the last trend in product design for smart home industry.

The young startup Juicero just raised 100 millions $ right now, led by Kleiner Perkins, Google Ventures, Double Bottom Line Ventures, Artis Ventures, Thrive Capital, and Vast Ventures. They built a $400 juicer, which works with prepared fruit bags, regularly and freshly delivered to your home. They are in some troubles right now since users discovers the juices can be prepared without using the machine. But opportunities still remained.

Sally, the name of a new trending salad-making robot, uses 20 different food containers to store, prepare and serve more than 1,000 different types of salads. The startup Chowbotics which built the salad-making robot Sally just raises $5 million.

7. A Smart Suitcase

Smart Suitcase

Since 3 years, suitcases are part of the most everyday products startups try to redesigned. As backpacks, suitcases can be easily redesigned with new useful features. To stay apart from the competition, you can choose to focus on improve some features related to the major problems people encountered, as security or transport fluency. Thus, you can see now some suitcases which moving by itself, with GPS integration, for instance.

The Space Case 1, the World's Most Advanced Smart Suitcase, has raised 920 122 $ pledged on 50 000 $ with 1 976 backers.

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