6 Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs You Should Copy Right Now

6 Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs

Discover the habits of successful entrepreneurs And See how You can Apply It In Your Life

Here's the 6 habits you should copy from successful entrepeneurs

1. They Prefer bootstrap instead of fundraising

The two most valuable parameters when you start a business are : Time and Money

Most of the most successfull startups began along two paths: Fundraising and Bootstrapping. When you start, You need some money to build a product and market it. For technical teams, skills replaces the money need to build the product, instead other team. But they lack the training to know how market it. For business background team, money goes to product, the rest in marketing. In all cases, at beginning , you have technical and sales skills to build the Minimum Viable Product -MVP - , and this is called ""bootstraping"", or you need money to buy these skills, or a team, so you will search money and take it if you are lucky to find some investors enough smart (or dumb) to support you: this is call ""fundraising. If you don't have this money, your only choice is to learn the skills you need to build you own product. It will take time, but you will be able to bootstrap your company from scratch. For your information, you need to know that the most successfull entrepreneurs habe boostrapped their startups."

2. They Go out from their comfort zone

Try new things each day! Change "a little bit" one habit a day:) And Go Out of your comfort zone

You can read a lot of articles on how going out of your comfort zone. The Mindset is simple. To go out your comfort zone, just try new things you never do before. The concept is not to tell you to stop eat hamburgers if you like this, or climb Everest. No, it's better easier. For instance, when you go in your preferred fast-food, if your habit is to take the beef burger with sauce A, take the beef burger with the sauce B :D !! And if you are crazy enough, or a killer of going out your comfort zone, you will take the ""chicken"" burger. You understand now easily the How to. But, finally, the big question is: ""Why"" ? Why going out of your comfort zone, and why it is a habit of successful entrepreneur, and why you should adopt it to build a successful business? The concept behind the comfort zone is hidden in our brain. And precisely in our neural network. Human mind is like us, lazy. We create habits to not surcharge our brain. Each time we learn new courses our do new things, our brain need to create new neuron connections. With our habits, our brain just need to follow the path of neuron connection already created. The secret in why you need to go out from your comfort zone is that by changing just a little bit something each day, your create these new connections, and the essence of creativity and powerful mind is in these links. Indeed, by changing ( a little bit) your habit, you take "the habit" to create new links in your mind, and you will develop your smartness and your creativity. New business ideas will come more easily and you will be able to have ""quick"" connections about new business to try, and if you’re lucky , build it fast. Successful entrepreneurs build great company because they think faster than the others.

3. They Cultivate kindness, humility, dignity and respect

Improve your entrepreneurship charisma to be successful with others

Successful entrepreneurs use respectfull communications with others. They cultivate humilty cause they know that mistakes are human and everybody can make an error. As an entrepreneur, it is said that everybody is your boss. Your team is your boss, your partners are your boss, your customers are your boss, so you need to threat them respectfully if you don't want to finish alone. Lots of young entrepreneurs starting a business think that because they are the Founder or CEO, all other people in the company is under him. So he tends to be threated with respect in all occasion, even if himself is not respectful. To be respectfull, you need to follow simple courtesy rules. Don't follow one or more of these rules put you in the side of "non-respectful" person. If possible, you must try to follow these rules in every situations cause it will help you to improve the "charisma" you need to be successful.

4. They Start even if they are not ready

Don't wait for the perfection. Start as soon as possible

The best successful entrepreneurs and businessmen succeed because they launch their business even if all is not ready. A common mistake made by the majority of young entrepreneurs is to wait to build a perfect product. After defining the idea or the concept of the startup, lots of entrepreneurs begin the design of their product (website, or physical product). But most of them wait to build a 100% operational product before test it with some potential customers on the market. For certain project as deep technical project, the time of development can exceed two years of full work, and some team wait to build the entire product before present it, and finish to understant that the product they build interests nobody. If you want to succeed, don't build your product during years before validating the customer needs. You must be sure to develop a product which will be usefull for your target market. After defining the idea, you need to build a Minimum Viable Product, that is to say the simpliest product with minimal functions you can insert, and show it to your targer audience. After validating the need with your customers, you can enter in a deep design process. Best successful entrepreneurs launch their products as soon as possible, and make the correction between customer needs and technical specifications in just-in-time process, so they can move more fastly.

5. They Focus on the need of customer

Don't focus on your Technology, Focus on the Customer Needs

Most of the young entrepreneurs, above all technical entrepreneurs, when starting, focus on the technology rather than the customer needs. It is common to find some entrepreneurs who are proud of what they built, proud about the technology they succeed to put in their product, but they forgot the need of customers. The paragraphe is in relationship with this before. Indeed, before build your product, focus on your customer needs. During the development of your product, focus on the customer needs. Why? Because it is so easy to deviat of the customer needs when you design a solution. That's why you need to have several checkpoint with your customers, or you can create a "focus group" composed with a panel of people in your target audience if you want to developp it in stealth mode. In all cases, successful entrepreneurs succeed cause they succeed to undertstand the needs of their customers.

6. They See failures as Path to Success

If plan A don't work, there is still 24 other letters in the alphabet

Don't stop after the first failure. As entrepreneur, you will know failures, you can't avoid it. Stay focus and motivated, it is the only path for a big success. As entrepreneur who want to succeed, you must have a highest motivation, cause the ups and downs in entrepreneurial stories are legion. Most of the time, what make the difference between normal entrepreneurs and best successful entrepreneurs with the same "entrepreneurial skills" is the Mindset they cultivate. After a failure where a lot of people would stop, successful people make the difference by continuing to go forward, try again until success. Most of the time, it is a question of motivations, so be aware now: you will experiment failures, so one of your goal is to be more resistant to failures, and cultivate optimism

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