16 Effective Tips to Boost Your Energy Level And Be More Productive During The Day

16 Effective Tips to Boost Your Energy Level And Be More Productive During The Day

Discover How to do all the possibles each day with higher Productivity

Here's the 6 habits you should copy from successful entrepeneurs

Being an entrepreneur can be really tiring when you work 20h/24.If you want to be profitable, you need to give everything you have to run your business successfully, and it start by doing all possible efforts in the day. To maintain your optimism during the day, simple activities such as a quick desk stretch or a five minute break can help you focus even when you’re exhausted. Here’s How To Increase your energy level now with this 16 hack tips .

1. Make a to-do list every day

Make a to-do list

The secret of successful people is to have clear goals in life. To achieve important goals, most successful entrepreneurs consider to do achievable goals first. Begin by write each day a to-do list of simple actions which will help you to achieve a specific purpose of your life.

2. Take A 5-minutes break every 50 minutes

Make a break to be more productive

The perfect period are 52 minutes of works and 17 minutes of break. Concentration is like a muscle and during the period of working for 52 minutes, your brain is is entirely devoting to working to your best capability. This is called the 100% method.

3. Desactivate email, phone and social media notifications

Desactivate email and phone notifications  to be more productive

You have to know that notifications kills your productivity.Turning them off. Stop wasting time to look at your mail or your facebook and twitter account. Instead of, prefer choose a specific time and period to look these apps.

4. Stretch regularly

 Stretch regularly  to be more productive

Stretching is important for your body and also for your mind. First, It helps you to stay in shape, then it reduces your stress. 15 min of stretching calm your mind and it can be consider as a time break during your hour of work.

5. Drink coffee

Drink coffee  to be more productive

It is known that coffee improves mental performance and alertness.A cup of coffee during the day can be an awesome booster for your brain and your body.

6. Drink Water

Drink Water to be more productive

According to a research, drinking water can increase your productivity by 14 Percent. Drinking regularly and a lot can increase your energy and your well being.

7. Listen music

Listen music

Music’s effectiveness is dependent on how “immersive” a task is, referring to the creative demand of the work. For repetitive tasks, Music makes repetitive tasks more enjoyable

8. Leave the office for lunch

Lunch out of office

Have a real break during your lunch. Don’t stay in your office to lunch, prefer go out and eating with some collegues. This break will reboost your productivity.

9. Minimize distractions

Minimize distractions

After Cutting of your mail and phone notifications, you need to minimize the most distractions possibles. It can be ask to your colleague some questions relative to the work, or doing a research on internet. Write these tasks on a note, and choose a specific period in the day to do it.

10. Stop hesitating

Stop hesitating

Don’t waste time with hesitation and the sooner you act, the more likely you'll be able to prevent personal loss of motivation. Successful entrepreneurs have in commons to always act, even if they have no all informations in mins.

11. Drink lemon water

Drink Lemon Water

According to a research, drinking water can increase your productivity by 14 Percent. Drinking regularly and a lot can increase your energy and your well being.

12. Get Daily Exercice

Get Daily Exercice

The secret of high daily productivity is to regenerate your brain cells. To do that, you have many solutions but a simple and effective way is to get daily exercise. Exercise stimulates neurogenesis - the growth of new brain cells - and improve all your brain functions.

13.Cultivate your network

Cultivate your network

Successful entrepreneurs will tell you: you need a high emotional life to cultivate your optimism and passion. Meet new peoples, having great times with your friends and your family is vital.

14. Have time alone

Make a to-do list

Meditation is a powerful hack to boost your energy during the day. It decreases your stress level and energizes your brain by bringing it the calm it need to reduce anxiety. Moreover, it increases your cognitive capacity.A more effective and simple way to meditate is to have time alone.

15. Change a little habit each day

Change a little habit each day

Your daily habits drive your vital energy and emotions; Have the habits to change a little bit your day habits to improve the growth of your new cell brains.

16. Be optimistic

 Be optimistic

The secret of success is to be and stay optimistic. This simple tip will help you to achieve the major outcomes of the other tips.

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